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Shakopee Tournament

Map to Fields

WMS = West Middle School (listed as Jr. High on link) Johnson Complex is also at WMS = all walking distance from Muenchow Fields

Tahpah Park Fields and Parking

Concessions During Tourney

We will have full concessions at Tahpah Park, Muenchow Fields/Neil Johnson Complex - please support our SYBA efforts at the concessions stands.  

Rosters Entered on Tourney Machine, Birth Certificates, and Concussion Forms

All coaches must have their team rosters registered in the Tourney Machine App prior to their first game in the tourney. Pitch Counts will be recorded through Tourney Machine and recorded/verified on the fields by the umpires and coaches.

There will be no formal team "check-in" - coaches should have hard copies of their rosters based on MBL or MYAS Sites or Team Waiver from MBL, plus individual birth certificates, and coaches' concussion forms.

Team Waiver Form

If your team does not play in either the MBL or MYAS League, you must submit a Waiver. You must obtain this waiver from Jeff Eul by email him at

Time limit, game balls, and home team

Time limit for ALL pool play games at all levels is 1:45 = meaning NO NEW INNING MAY START after 1:45 (may finish the inning if started/as needed).  A new inning begins instantly when the 3rd out of the previous inning is recorded. The time of the 1st pitch of the next inning is irrelevant regarding the time limit.  Please verify start time of games with umpire and opposing coach at the start of each game so there are no issues.

Remember:  Tie games in pool play get played out for a winner until/unless time limit is exceeded.  For Bracket Play - when a game is tied at the end of 6 innings for 9U-12U, the International Tie Breaker rules apply. 

Each team is asked to provide a new/newer game ball for each game.

Home team during pool play and bracket play is determined by a coin toss

Dan Woodall

Shakopee Tournament Director

Phone: 704-224-1551

Souvenir Sublimation Shirts with Teams on Back!

These shirts were pre-ordered. A small amount of shirts will be available for sale at the concessions stand. These extra shirts sell out fast.

Weather-related tourney issues

STAY OFF THE FIELDS - YOU WILL MAKE THEM WORSE! We have a plan in place - be patient and let our grounds crews handle the fields.  Game updates will be on Tourney Machine with general announcements on our website as well.

Well-behaved humans with dogs are welcome!

Be courteous of others and pick up after yourselves. 

There are also asphalt walking paths at all locations, and playgrounds at Tahpah and Westminster.