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2021 Summer Baseball Registration remains open

2021 Summer Baseball Registration

The Shakopee Youth Baseball Association has opened its summer in-house and traveling baseball registration for grades 1-12. Deferred payment options are available when registering on-line. In-house costs range from $135-$195, and travel costs range from $400-$475. View this slide show and visit our website for more information for each level prior to registering. 


Please be ready with your son’s cap and jersey sizes prior to registering. Cap and jersey size descriptions can be found here.


Think summer - Go Sabers!


Winter Training for 11-14 yr olds

Winter open gym times for travel baseball for ages 11-14. All travel players are invited to these optional sessions for their age group; no registration required. These sessions will be run by the coaches of these age levels at West Middle School. Times for 9 and 10 yr old players will be posted as soon as we can get them scheduled

Scoreboard Advertisers Wanted

SYBA is looking for local businesses interested in purchasing advertising on the new Westminster and Tahpah West baseball fields scoreboards.  If interested or want to learn more, please reach out to SYBA President Jeff Schmitz at

Additional information can be found here


2021 Travel Team Rosters - 11-14 yr olds

With the announcement of our travel teams, SYBA would like to share a few plans we have discussed:

  • These announced teams are set, for now. With the expanded timing of fall tryouts through next season, we understand there may be some changes to each roster due to a variety of reasons.  We will be using our replacing players policy in our handbook as our primary guide.
  • Our “normal” registration dates will take place in late January/early February for the other ages of travel and in-house/community league. The rest of your travel fee will be due then (approximately $250). We will also accept new registrations for ages 11-14 travel baseball at that time (ages 11-12’s especially need more players so those players who did not make a AAA or AA team at this time can have a full travel team option to play next summer). If we do not have enough players to form an A team, we will have the community league option for those players.  January travel registrations will not bump any players who tried out this fall.  
  • We want to develop a positive team culture at each age level to continue to build a strong program; therefore, we will be offering our optional off-season practices to all travel kids at each age level together (i.e. all 11’s or all 12’s will all work out/practice together, including those who did not currently make a AA or AAA team).  We hope this will also lend itself to an easier transition, if we do have to move players to new teams as players and coaches will all be working together. Based on registration numbers next February, we may be adding players to these current rosters in an effort to fill rosters from the A level on up/provide opportunities for all kids to play at the competitive level registered (i.e. we may go to 12 players on each roster if numbers allow). These off-season workouts will help identify these potential roster changes. Again, all players who registered and tried out this fall will practice together this off-season.


Remember, this is our first year using fall tryouts and forming teams to provide optional off-season practices and training together – we know there will be some bumps along the road but will continue to do what we feel is best for all the kids in our program.  As always, we will re-evaluate our tryouts and processes at the end of next summer’s season.

2021 Traveling Rosters

Rosters for 11s, 12s, 13s and 14s


    Travel Tryouts

    SYBA Tryouts Schedule at SHS Field House on March 20:

    • 10:00-11:30am = all 10’s
    • 11:30-12:30 = 12’s and 13’s who did not participate in fall tryouts
    • 12:30-2:00 = all 9’s

    More details will be posted soon

    2021 Key Dates

    Umpire Training - Mar 15 & 16

    9s-10s Traveling Tryouts - Mar 20

    In House Evaluations - April 24

    SYBA Traveling Tournament - June 11-13


    We are excited to be playing baseball again, but please remember (so we can keep playing): If you’ve been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, it’s your responsibility to self-quartine for 14 days. If out in public, wear a mask, wash hands, & stay 6 ft apart.


    Do you have a question about Shakopee Baseball?

    Updated for 2019 Season

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have added a section with the most asked questions about Shakopee Youth Baseball - both in house and traveling.

      Not Getting Emails from SYBA?

      If you suspect that you are not getting blast emails sent out from SYBA (we send a lot of them), the following articles may help you:

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      Add Additional Emails to Receive Messages

      Add Mobile Phone Numbers to Receive Messages

      If these do not appear to help, you can contact Sportsengine by emailing ( and ask to check for email suppression.

      Hope that helps.


      Baseball Training Options

      Other baseball training information can be found at


      Used Baseball Equipment Swap Exchange

      Thanks to everyone who participated in SYBA's baseball equipment swap exchange. Gloves, bats, spikes, helmets and pants were dropped off and picked up.  We were also able to collect seven large bags of equipment that will be donated to a charity.  Nothing went to waste.  Thanks everyone.


      Bats for Sale

      If you have used equipment that you would like to sell, you can list it here.

      You can also use this site as a place to list a bat that you are interested in purchasing.

      Miracle League of Minnesota

      For more information about the Miracle League

      Ever wonder how....

      Interested in supporting Shakopee Youth Baseball?

      Want to get your logo and link to your website on the left hand side of this website? Check out the Shakopee Youth Baseball Sponsorship Program. Shakopee Youth Baseball Association is a non-profit organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)