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Frequently Asked Questions

SYBA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - 2020 Season

This information has been updated for the 2020 season

How and when do I register?

Registration opens on Jan 26th at 8 pm and is done online via our website. A link to the registration will be provided on our home page. We do not offer a mail-in registration option. An email account is required to register online and payment is made by credit card.  Any questions, contact an SYBA board member.


Travel registrations completed prior to Feb. 3rd qualify for an early bird discount of $50.  Travel registration closes at midnight on Feb 3th.


In house and community registrations completed prior to Feb 17th qualify for an early bird discount of $25.  In house and community league registrations close when an age group is determined to be full.



What different baseball options and levels are available through SYBA?


This is a quick reference for registering your son(s) for SYBA Programs. For more detailed information on each level, please reference the website under the “Leagues” tab.

Shakopee “n-House” and Community Leagues are established based on this year’s (2019-2020 school year) current grade level in school.

Metro Traveling leagues are based on a player’s age on May 1 of the summer being played. 

          The Metro Traveling League is more competitive than the In-House League and does require more of a time and cost commitment (fee and travel costs)


In-House Program

Traveling Option(s)

Grade 1 & 2

Mini-mites , Mega-Mites & Mighty Mites


Grade 3/9U

Little League

Metro Traveling 9s Team



(If your son is in 3rd grade but is age 10 on



May 1, his travel age is 10U!)

Grade 4/10U

Minor League

Metro Traveling 10’s Team

Grade 5/11U

Minor League

Metro Traveling 11’s Team

Grade 6/12U

Shakopee Valley League

Metro Traveling 12’s Team

Grade 7/13U

Shakopee Valley League

Metro Traveling 13’s Team

Grade 8/14U

Shakopee Senior Valley League

Metro Traveling 14’s Team

Grade 9/15U

Shakopee Senior Valley League

Metro Traveling 15’s Team

Grades 10-12/16-18U

HS Community League

Shakopee 16-18’s League (VFW, American Legion)







Can my son play above his grade/age level?

Any player age 10 or older may play above his age level but not below (i.e. a 10-year-old may play on the 11’s team, but an 11-year-old may not play on a 10’s team).  However, they must stick to that commitment for the entire season (can’t decide to move back down after team placement). This is a parent’s choice and is not encouraged by SYBA; however, the board recognizes that there may be some individual circumstances that may lead to this option.  Players age 8 and under may not play up for travel.  The only exception for this would be an 8-year-old in 3rd grade – they may play with their current grade level’s age group.





What is the participation fee?

We do our best to keep costs low. League fees, tournament fees, umpires, city fees, insurance, and equipment are our biggest costs. SYBA is a non-profit.

The fees for the 2020 season are:

·         Mini-Mites- $140 ($165 after Feb 17)

·         Mighty Mites - $140 ($165 after Feb 17)

·         Little League - $170 ($195 after Feb 17)

·        Minor League - $190 ($215 after Feb 17)

·         Valley League - $190 ($215 after Feb 17)

·         Sr Valley League - $185 ($210 after Feb 17)

·         HS Community League - $185 ($210 after Feb 17)

·        Traveling (9-10 yr olds) - $465 ($515 after Feb 3)

·        Traveling (11-12 yr olds) - $460 ($510 after Feb 3)

·        Traveling (13-14 yr olds) - $500 ($550 after Feb 3)

·        Traveling (15 yr olds) - $400 ($450 after Feb 3)

·        16-18 yr old - $400 ($450 after Feb 9)

 Early bird discount of $50 for all travel registrations received before Feb 3 and $25 for all in house and community league registrations received before Feb 17.


You will have the option of spreading the payment of fees over three monthly installments.



Why is registration so early when the season starts in April?


We need to finalize our numbers well in advance of the season so that uniforms, hats and equipment can be ordered in time.  In addition, we need to communicate how many traveling teams and at what age levels we will field to Metro Baseball.





Can I still sign my child up to play even after Feb. 9?


Yes you certainly can. Travel egistrations completed prior to Feb. 3 qualify for an early bird discount of $50. Traveling registrations will not be accepted after tryouts.  At some point, usually toward the end of April, the season is far enough along so that registrations will be closed as well.





Is there a formal refund policy?


Yes - NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE AFTER MARCH 19th.  A $25.00 service fee will be charged for cancellations requested by individuals prior to March 19th.



Can I request my child play on a particular team or for a particular coach?



  • Traveling – No


  • In House - SYBA’s priority with team selection is always parity - to form balanced teams and promote a competitive, level playing field for all teams. We understand issues such as carpooling, so you may make special requests and we will do our best to honor them, BUT not at the expense of teams’ imbalance.



What is the uniform?

Traveling Uniforms - Traveling Uniforms consist of two jerseys, hat, grey pants, black belt and black socks. All registration fees include the purchase of a hat which is yours to keep. Grey pants, black belt and black socks can either be purchased on-line through Innovative Graphics (sample uniforms and website information will be available at the Parent Informational Meeting) or be purchased on your own from where ever you can find them.  

Age specific jersey information is as follows:


  • 9-15 yr old Traveling Teams – 9 through 15 year olds will get two different color jerseys as part of their registration.  Each jersey will be really cool looking and will include the player’s last name and number on the back. This jersey is yours to keep.  When you register, you will be asked what size of jersey you would like.  The number will be the same number you had last year to avoid duplicate numbers.  The cost of both jerseys is $70 and is included in your registration fee.  You will also be asked to select a hat size.  This year's hats are flex-fit.


  • 16-18 yr olds –  Game jerseys will be provided or the team may choose to wear their previous SYBA summer jersey if all have them available.  Pants need to be purchased through Innovative Graphics online store.

Traveling game jerseys should not be used for practice.

To ensure all jerseys are similar (as required by Metro Baseball rules), we do not allow any modifications/patches to the jerseys for 10-18 year olds.  


In House Uniforms - In House (Mighty Mites, Little League, Minor League, Valley League and Sr Valley League) Uniforms consist of a Shakopee Youth Baseball t-shirt, hat, grey pants, black belt (if applicable) and black socks. All registration fees include the purchase the t-shirt and a hat – both yours to keep. Grey pants, black belt and black socks can either be purchased through Innovative Graphics or be purchased on your own from where ever you can find them.  




Do I need to purchase any equipment?


SYBA provides baseballs and catcher’s gear for all levels.  Helmets (solid red color), gloves, shoes and bats need to be purchased.  Spikes are suggested but are not required. Metal spikes may be used at the 13 yr old (7th grade) level or older. Players should also always wear an athletic supporter/cup. 




When are tryouts?


In house baseball does not have tryouts.


For traveling baseball (9-14 yr olds), tryouts are held on March 20-22.  Placement on the 15-18-year old teams will be determined by the Saber school baseball staff.




We will miss tryouts. Is there a makeup date?


No. Evaluations in these cases will need to be made based on past coaches input and spring training workouts. Your child will still be eligible to be placed on a team.





How are teams selected?


  • Traveling players are ranked based on their tryout results along with input from spring training workouts and previous year’s coaches’ evaluations. See SYBA Handbook for details about the tryout process.  Traveling teams have 11-12 players on a team


  • In house teams are created with input from previous year’s coaches evaluations.  We try to make all in house teams equal.  In house teams have 9-12 players on a team.






When will we know what team my son is on?


  • Traveling teams will be announced by posting on the SYBA website the week after tryouts.


  • In house teams will be posted on the SYBA website by the first week of May.






What happens if my son does not make a traveling team?


If a player does not make a Metro team at tryouts, he will be placed on an in house team and refunded any program fee difference minus a $28.50 tryout fee.  Any traveling jersey costs will also be refunded.






When will the schedule be posted?


  • TravelingSchedules will be posted after the MBT scheduling meeting the first part of April.


  • In House Schedules will be posted by the first week of May.





What is the general schedule?


Traveling – Traveling teams will play in the traveling Metro League during weekdays and start mid-April.  The schedule is a 16-game league schedule (typically two games a week) and a year-end league playoff during the month of July.  9-14 yr olds participate in four-weekend tournaments and 15 yr olds participate in three-weekend tournaments.  


The weekend tournaments will be determined and posted on the SYBA website by the end of March. These teams may choose to play in 1-3 state tournaments (3 weekends in July after the 4th) if they qualify. SYBA encourages participation in the MBT State Tournament. Families pay the cost of the state tournaments and gate fees.


In House – Season starts the third week of May and concludes July 28 with the in house tournament.  A typical regular season is 12-16 games


Practices/games start at 6 pm and are usually done approximately 8 pm depending on how quickly the game goes.  The first 30 minutes of a game is practice time with games starting at 6:30 pm.

  • Mighty Mites – Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Little League – Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Minor, Valley and Sr Valley League – any day of the week

16 Year-Olds: V.F.W. Baseball - 16-year-olds may play in the South Suburban Mickey Mantle League and will participate in the V.F.W. 2nd District Playoffs. This team typically plays 25-30 games, including 1-2 weekend tournaments during the season plus playoffs (which could include three straight weekends in July/August).


17-18 Year-Olds: American Legion Baseball - 17 and 18-year olds may play on the American Legion Baseball Team. This team typically plays 25-30 games, including 1-2 weekend tournaments during the season plus playoffs (which could include three straight weekends in July/August).








How does 6/7th Grade Valley League and 8/9th Grade Sr Valley League work?  

This is an in-house league with a travel league feel without weekend tournaments

We will once again team-up with the neighboring communities for this age level.  Some travel may be required but will be limited. There is one year-end weekend tournament.  We will make every effort to schedule league games during the week but due to field constraints, there may be some weekend games. We have not have had to do this in the past. The season will run from mid-April to mid-July. No tryouts or tryout fees. Uniforms Include (Hats, Shirts,). This league is dependent on having enough volunteer coaches.  If we can’t find enough coaches we will refund your money.


Does SYBA have playing time guidelines?


Yes - SYBA playing time/philosophy can be found at:





Is there a requirement that I work so many hours of volunteer time?


Yes, if your son tries out for a Traveling team, a Volunteer Fee of $300 will be collected at tryouts. A player will not be allowed to tryout without the volunteer check.  SYBA will not cash the volunteer check but will keep it until the parents have completed six (6) hours of volunteer time per player (12 hour family maximum) at the Shakopee Baseball Tournaments. No partial credit will be given. If the player is not selected for a traveling team, the volunteer check will be returned to you.

There is no volunteer requirement for in house players.





Who do I contact if I have additional questions?


In House

  • Clay Monsrud 
  • Sean LaCoste