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Questions about the Sabers Strength Program?

Matt Iverson

Crissy Shoemaker

6th-8th Graders

Hello Baseball Families,

I’d like to encourage all of our baseball players to sign up for this free, after-school weight-lifting program offered by Shakopee Schools.  This is a great opportunity to safely learn how to lift properly while gaining strength, speed/agility, and endurance.  Coach Neu does an awesome job teaching and working with these kids! Again, it is free but you must  register on this link before attending.


The schedule is as follows (School days only-Nothing on Early Release Days):

  • Monday and Wednesdays: 6th Graders
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 7th and 8th Graders
    • Time: 2:45-4:00 PM at West Middle School Weight Room.


There is a bus from SACS to East to WMS: Bus L (parents need to provide ride home from WMS at 4:00-ish)


Any questions, contact Coach Neu or me.


Coach Schleper =


9th-12th Graders

Hello Baseball Families,


Some of you have already been working out after school in our SHS Weight Room, and several of you have recently wrapped up your fall club baseball seasons and/or fall sports (good luck to our football guys tonight!).  I wanted to get this information out to you now so those of you not in a winter sport/club know what is available for you to get bigger-faster-stronger this offseason:


Coach Iverson has set up a Monday-Wednesday-Friday program after school for our baseball players in the SHS Weight Room (takes about an hour so done/rides by 4:15).  You may start as early as today after school – or next Monday … we will also be adding some baseball-specific arm/shoulder/throwing when we get into January. The after-school lifting program is free, but all participants need to register on this link.


The guys who have not come into the SHS Weight Room yet need to check in with Coach Iverson and get on the Train Heroic app (ask the ones already lifting for help). Coach Iverson and other players can then get you all up to speed with the workouts.  This app allows players to train and grow individually according to their own lifts/abilities.


For an example of the workouts, attached is what we have for next week (no school Friday) and into second quarter. Players will alternate between upper and lower emphasis each week, one having two workouts prescribed and the other only having one. These will vary and Coach Iverson is going to incorporate new lifts (power cleans Monday – would like all new lifters there to learn this!) and teach them as we go.


I am also working with Starters for cage time again this year. We have done Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 (okay with lifting or should I move these to Tuesday/Thursday, if possible?). Our Saturday time this year would be 10:00am-noon.  Thoughts on these days/times?  Cost has been $95 in the past and we have 3 cages until we begin SHS Baseball on March 9.  Okay to have cages on same day as lifting or prefer alternate days?  Let me know if you have strong thoughts one way or another.


Any questions, let me know.

Coach Schleper

SYBA maintains a list of baseball training facilities as a source of information. 

Check out the Training Facilities tab for additional locations and camps.