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Saber Fall Baseball

Fall Opportunities

1.  Shakopee Fall Baseball

2.  MBL Fall League (can join individually, small group, or full team)

3.  Local Club Teams (see previous Training Facilities tab options)

Fall Ball Times and Fields

The fall program will begin the week of August 29th and run through Saturday, October 16th. 

There will be no fall baseball on Saturday, September 4th (Labor Day Weekend)


Times/fields for Fall ball 

1st and 2nd grade: Saturdays (Tahpah 6/7) 1:00-3:00

3rd grade at Sweeney on Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, Muenchow Saturdays 1:00-3:00

4th grade at Westminster: Tuesdays 5:30-7:00, Saturdays 1:00-3:00

5th grade at Westminster: Wednesdays 5:30-7:00, Saturdays 3:30-5:30

6th grade at Green Meadow: Wednesdays 5:30-7:00, Saturdays 3:30-5:30

7th grade: Jackson Wednesdays 5:30-7:00, Saturdays Green Meadow 1:00-3:00

8th grade at Riverview: Wednesdays 5:30-7:00, Saturdays 1:00-3:00


Questions can be directed to Aaron Olson <> or Rod Hicks <>

Fall Ball Coaches Clinic

Fall Baseball Coaches Clinic August 29 at 6:00-7:15 pm.  Field is TBD

High School Varsity Baseball Coach Tom Schleper will be hosting the clinic for all the fall baseball coaches. 

Coaches should bring their own kids whom we will work with for sample drills = so they should come dressed to play.

All fall baseball coaches are encouraged to attend.  

Shakopee Fall Baseball

We are pleased to announce we will once again be offering a fall ball option for our Shakopee youth baseball players. This will be different than in years past, and will focus on getting more players involved in the Association. For Fall 2021, we will be offering fall baseball for free for Shakopee residents. It will be focused more on training and development, and getting more kids interested in playing. The fall program will begin the week of August 29th and run through Saturday October 16th. Here are the options:


1st-2nd grade: players will not be assigned to designated teams, and instead, all the kids will meet on Saturday afternoons at Tahpah to play games, with coaches focusing on teaching fundamentals. This will allow the kids to learn while being able to play with other kids their age. This will be coach pitch only. Attendance is not mandatory, and players can attend based on their availability.


The rest of the ages will be structured in the same way, with all kids in a grade meeting together to practice and play intrasquad games, whether they have played travel, in-house, or not played in the past. Coaches will focus on teaching fundamentals and training, while also playing games within each age group. Coaches will have the option of putting together teams from within the age group to play against other teams or to enter a fall tournament, based on the interest of each player and parent. These groups will meet one night a week for practice, and again on Saturday afternoon to play games within the group. None of these sessions are mandatory, and instead will provide flexibility to kids who play other sports or have other commitments. The following age groups will have the option to play in our fall ball program this year, based on the grade they will be in during the 2021/2022 school year.


3rd graders: will play at Muenchow on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons


4th graders: will play at Westminster #1 on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons


5th graders: will play at Westminster #2 on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons


6th graders: will play at Green Meadows on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons


7th graders: will play at Jackson Township on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons


8th graders: will play at Riverview on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons


There is no cost to register for the program for Shakopee residents. There will be no jerseys handed out, and if players need equipment, the Association will try to facilitate providing bats, helmets, gloves, etc. when needed. We are excited to offer this free opportunity to play baseball and bring more kids into the Association. Even though there is no cost to play, each player is required to register to participate.



Questions can be directed to:


Rod Hicks


Sean LaCoste


Nick VonBokern

The Registration "Saber Fall Baseball" is not currently available.

Metro Fall Baseball

In the Metro Baseball League Fall League you can sign up as a team, small group, or as an individual.  If you are registering a team and have a home field please add the name of the field and the dates that you have available to use it.  Cost is $85.00 per player, this includes team jersey, hat, game balls and umpires.  Teams will  play doubleheaders on Sundays beginning early September for 5 consecutive weeks.  If Shakopee coach/players, can work out playing these at Shakopee Field.